M/S Henrik Ibsen® is diesel-powered ship in traffic in the Telemark Canal from Skien and Dalen in the summer season. The ship was built by Eriksberg Mechanical Workshop in Gothenburg in 1907 and renamed MS Styrsö. The ship was in route traffic in the Gothenburg archipelago until 1970, after which she was used for charter missions.

General info

Other names: 1907 – 1992: “Styrsö”
Ship Type: Passenger Ship
Built: 1907 by Eriksberg Mechanical Workshop, Gothenburg
Maiden: 1907
Flag: 1907 – 1992: Gothenburg
1992 – —-: Skien
Shipowners: Telemark Canal Shipping Company AS
Status: In operation

Technical data

Hull Material: Steel
Length 30.9 m
Width 6.4 m
Draft 2.5 m
Top speed knop 12
Main Machine W & B Alpha 6 cyl Diesel engine from 1952
Tonnage brt 186
Passengers 95 + 5

After being adapted to channel traffic, was shipped to the Telemark Canal in 1992. She was renamed M/S Henrik Ibsen® “after the former steamship SS Henrik Ibsen,” which also went on the Telemark Canal. From 1992 to 2009 the ship was owned and operated by Skien Dalen Shipping Company AS.

The 2009 season was the ship laid up because of the upgrade requirements, and in October the same year she was sold to the Telemark Canal Ship Company AS by Thor Morten Halvorsen, who also owns the Dalen Hotel®. Upgrading of the ship is carried out by Hansen & Arntzen yard in terms of new operations on the Telemark Canal 2010.

2009/2010, hull and engine prepared by Hansen & Arntzen in Langesund, and boat builder Geir Røvik at Fjærholmen near Tønsberg has created new deck, wheelhouse, toilets, fixtures, and new electrical equipment. Engelsviken Slipp has mounted new safety equipment.

From mid-May – late September the M/S Henrik Ibsen® sails in route traffic and for charter events in the Telemark Canal, between Dalen and Skien. The season starts from mid May to end September.