Dalen Hotel®

History and atmosphere since 1894

Dalen Hotel® is a fairy tale hotel, build in1894 in grand romantic style with dragonheads, towers and balconies. The paper “Varden” wrote in1894: “The new elegant furnished Hotel at Dalen, at the top ofthe Bandak waters, is now ready to receive guests”.

After early golden days and later years of decay the hotel wasin 1994, after years of restoration finished to welcome its guests again, all restored back to its original beauty. It has the same soul, calmness, peace and atmosphere as the wooden castle that opened for more than 115 years ago.

At Dalen and Tokke there are many annual events and several attractions and museums. Worth mentioning is Åmdals Verk, Dalen market days in June, Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg and Grimdalstunet.

Dalen Hotel® has 42 rooms which are kept the way it was back for more than 100 years. All rooms are double rooms including 8 with balcony towards the garden, 1 suite and 1 family room. We also have 1 single room where it is said that “The English Lady” stayed. The room is therefore named after her.

Peace and quiet is what we appreciate the most so therefore you will not find either TV or radio in the rooms. However we do have wireless internet throughout the hotel. Today you will also enjoy newly renovated tiled bathrooms with heated floors.

The rooms will bring you back more than 100 years, however, it is our salons and the great Hall which creates the calm and historic setting. The Ladys and the Mens after dinner salons meet in the Garden salon, and up at the Gallery or the Hall with its 11 meters under the lead light roof you can lean back in old styled furniture and deep chesterfield chairs and listen to our piano player play the grand piano every night or feel the heat from the fire place.


Dalen Hotel
Postboks 54, 3880 Dalen, Norway
Telephone +47 35 07 90 00
Email: post@dalenhotel.no