Charity by Norwegian Hospitality Group AS

The organization Lift Gambia provides sponsorship for school children. They have operated in the Gambia for many years and sponsored children from the beginning to the end of school. 

 It is becoming increasingly important that all children have the opportunity to go to school. Education is one of the most important building blocks of a society and the way out of poverty.

Their focus is on pre- and primary school education and carries out projects that promote its quality. That is their purpose and value for the new pre-school in Brufut and they are proud of what they have accomplished.

Now they will fulfill the dream of a viable well – drilled down to the required depth (which they do not know) to get clean drinking water. They will also connect this with a pump and the necessary pipes to provide over 400 children with fresh drinking water in their everyday lives.

Norwegian Hospitality Group has funded this water drilling project.  

A new water tower and clean water became available to the school and the pupils in mid-December 2019.

“We are grateful for the cooperation with NHG”. 

Heartlift – The board